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YouTube Pro… The Rise of Bloggers and YouTubers.

8 July 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Remember when bloggers would make videos of themselves messing around as an entertaining hobby to share with friends? It seems those days are long gone. Today, bloggers and YouTubers can potentially have the biggest influence [...]

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This week’s digital stories that caught our eye…

10 May 2013 | Lily Shanahan

  #TGIF Weekly roundup of some eye catching stories in digital. Just in case you missed them… A month in the life of Twitter: No, this wasn’t an experiment to see which brand spammed your news feed [...]

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YouTube set to announce paid subscription channels

7 May 2013 | Lily Shanahan

Paying for YouTube. No this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, this is the news that YouTube is set to launch a paid subscription for some of its specialist channels. A move which could happen as early as [...]

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Content is Magnetic in Inbound Marketing

16 April 2013 | Siobhan Swainston

We all know how important well written and engaging content is in SEO practice. Ensuring that Google is indexing your website is largely dependent on keeping the content fresh and updated regularly. Over the years [...]

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TWIST- The Week In Search/Social from Tamar 24th February-1st March 2013

4 March 2013 | Lily Shanahan

We’ve published two blogs in the last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read them when they first went live, you can take a look at them now:  1. The power of YouTube as a search Engine: The power [...]

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The Power of YouTube as a Search Engine

27 February 2013 | Siobhan Swainston

The power and influence of YouTube as a search engine is on the increase and is definitely something to keep an eye on this year. Looking back at our Brand Love 25 campaign, YouTube saw [...]

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Britain’s Digital Brands show dramatic annual growth in their social communities on Valentine’s Day

13 February 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Today on Valentine’s Day Tamar is launching our 3rd annual edition of BrandLove25. Our ongoing project to measure the ‘love’ shown in their social media communities for Britain’s leading digital brands. In 2013 the analysis [...]

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Google shares suspended after profit results sent out early…

19 October 2012 | Lily Shanahan

Last night, Google shares were suspended after an accidental email to the US stock market revealed that Google’s quarterly results were far below Wall Streets’ demanding expectations. This left the company with no choice but [...]

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YouTube scores a win – but what are you watching?

15 August 2011 | Milly Diaz

According to a report that came out last week, YouTube scored its biggest month of traffic ever in the UK last month. YouTube apparently accounted for 1 in every 35 UK Internet visits in July [...]

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Meet the new Twitter – same service, whole new style

15 September 2010 | Henry Elliss

Unless you got a particularly long lie-in this morning, you’ll no doubt have seen the buzz currently going around about the brand new Twitter interface – announced last night by the Twitter team. Launched with [...]