30 July 2010

Facebook questions – revolution, or doomed to fail?

Facebook have recently rolled out a new feature to a small set of lucky (?) beta testers – namely, Facebook questions. If you think this sounds like a familiar idea (or if you have used the feature already) you’ll probably be making connections to Yahoo! Answers, the once-innovative question-and-answer “Crowd Source” service. And you’d be right to – aside from …

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20 October 2009

Google Trust Rank – new version

Trust Rank from Google, not like Yahoo! A  nice spot from Bill Slawski that Google have finally had a Trust Rank patent approved. This after abandaning their previous request for a patent going back a few years. Trust Rank is something which gets mentioned a lot and is often confused, so here is our take on it. Yahoo! Trust Rank …

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15 August 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is partnering with top search providers like Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon

Internet Explorer 8 is partnering with top search providers like Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon to deliver visual suggestions that provide you with immediate answers. For example, typing “Isaac Newt” with Wikipedia visual suggestions will instantly show you a preview of the results directly in the Search Box drop-down. Look for more visual suggestion results with your preferred search providers. The …

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29 July 2009

Search Engines join forces, Google worried?

YaBing, or Microhoo? Finally Yahoo! and Microsoft have decided to join forces no doubt hoping the synergy they create will be enough to take on Google in both natural search and through their online advertising platforms. By trading search engine technology (Bing to Yahoo!) and advertising platform (Yahoo! to Bing) the plan would be to have an offering that will …

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30 June 2009

The Internet is not dead… and neither is Jeff Goldblum

To paraphrase Mark Twain: “Reports of the Internet’s death have been great exaggerated”. Unlike poor Michael Jackson. Here on the Tamar blog we’ve remained relatively quiet on the subject of Michael Jackson up until now – mainly because we wanted to let the dust settle before looking for any trends or interesting outcomes. Now that the internet has had a …

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4 June 2009

The ABC’s of API’s

If you work in the digital space long enough (or are brave enough to venture into the dark windowless rooms where developers are often found slaving away behind computers), you are likely to hear the acronym API. So what is an API and what can they do for my business? API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a way …

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