8 June 2010

Is web design really subjective?

We recently completed a project for YOUR Insurance, a part of the Towergate Group Ltd. The project was a full conversion design project, including a complete rebrand to position itself as a leading business insurance quote comparison solution. Along with the usual functional usability testing on the comparison prototype, we also completed some emotional response feedback on the new homepage …

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28 April 2010

Should you use CSS3 now?

CSS3 is the next generation of stylesheet due to be rolled out across the web when it is finalised. It has been ongoing since 2002 and is still not completed so when it will be finalised is anyone’s guess. Most browsers (except IE) support at least some of the CSS3 properties that allow web design to become a much better …

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1 March 2010

The wonderous (and sometimes forgotten) world of white space

For this post the examples are focussed on web design however the points remain true with many other forms of design. For those unfamiliar with the term white space, here is what Wikipedia have to say about it: “White space or whitespace refers to the blank (white) area between written characters or graphic regions.” – Wikipedia This is a fundamental aspect …

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16 December 2009

Web design trends we lost in 2009

Do you still think “above the fold” or think that multiple pages are better for SEO? Here I outline how 2009 has seen the thankful demise of a few web design trends or myths: Frames Thanks mainly to W3C accessibility guidelines, the usage of frames has rapidly declined over the years. In fact usability best practices don’t recommend using iFrames …

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5 October 2009

Web design trends 2009

I have written a previous post on common web design trends last year, as it is important to keep in touch with what is happening in the web design industry – to remain cutting edge in the designs that you produce. So it would be interesting to see what is popular for 2009. One popular design trend that doesn’t seem to …

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8 July 2009

HTML 5: Its impact on the future of web design and development

The fundamental core of web design is due to be shaken up, when HTML 5.0 and Xhtml 2.0 are released. It’s a very interesting time for web designers, especially when two of the fundamental tools used by front-end developers are to be given a major upgrade or reinvention in the upcoming months or years. Not to forget the progress being …

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