2 June 2010

Accessibility in the world of Web 2.0

The internet is constantly changing, which is why the the WCAG 1.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) have finally been updated to WCAG 2.0. This version takes into account the ever-increasing changes in the technology used on the web. There has been two main developments in recent years that have had a significant impact on web accessibility. The first of these is an increased use of AJAX …

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14 December 2009

Do not misunderestimate the power of words

It is a bad idea to misunderestimate the power of the interwebs. This past year the world cheered to Obamamania, suffered a financial tsunami, saw the rise of zombie banks and recessionista’s, and decided to start paying more attention to green washing and e-vampires. We saw the rise (and fall) of wonderstars like Susan Boyle (who also topped 100 million …

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5 November 2008

SMX London 2008 – Day 2 Session 2

The second session of the day that interested me was moderated by the lovely Vanessa Fox, and was entitled “SEO for web 2.0 websites”. The panel once again included Dave Naylor, Nathan Baggia from Microsoft, Tom Critchlow from Distilled and possibly the jazziest-dresser I have ever seen on a panel – Mikkel deMib Svendsen from deMib.com. Nathan Baggia started off …

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