position 0
26 April 2017

Move Over Position 1, There’s a New Place in Town.

For more than 18 years SEOs and brand have been fighting to get their websites ranking at the coveted position 1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  However, now there’s a new position that’s worth fighting for, position 0. What is position 0? Position 0 is otherwise known as a featured snippet.  These have been around for 2 years now …

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8 September 2010

Google Streaming event – live blogging

At 5.30 pm UK time Google is going to start their so called Streaming Event. We are expecting a lot of announcements about changes as to the how the Google search results are displayed. Based on tests we have seen over the last few weeks we may see streaming which changes the results shown as you type. We may also …

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