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The Hospice and the Ivy

6 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

Our history with Tamar’s Lifeline Charity has seen the Tamar team travel as far as Cape Town and Shanghai, but this year we were slightly closer to home with the a rather shorter trip to […]

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CSR – the final verdict!

30 June 2009 | Annie Wakefield

So we’re at the end of another year’s CSR week and I wanted to report back on the final results, what we’ve gained from the experience, and where we go from here! This year was our first […]

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CSR Project 2009 – Day 3

10 June 2009 | Alex Christie

For once Tamar was most definitely lost for words.   Split into 3 groups, we were given practical, interactive lessons that ran sequentially through this morning on the basics of British sign language (BSL).    […]

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Oak Lodge – Day 3

10 June 2009 | Alex Christie

  ‘Frustration, content, calm, and surprise’ are emotions that shape our every day. But seeing and experiencing these through the eyes of extraordinary children aged 11 to 19 years, all of whom have one thing in common, […]

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CSR Project 2009 – Day 2

9 June 2009 | Alex Christie

There was a lot of activity around the school today and all the projects are progressing well.  Despite the grey skies overhead, the rain has stayed away, and with the kids getting involved everyone is […]

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Oak Lodge and TLC – the building commences!

29 May 2009 | Alex Christie

With just over a week to go until the project, things are really starting to shape up at Oak Lodge. Last weekend, Tony and his team from designbuilding got the foundations underway for our mini […]

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Oak Lodge art department visit – Communication is the key

21 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Lavelle and I went along to Oak Lodge School to visit their art department where we met art teacher Darryl Bedford. The purpose of the trip was to progress ideas and plan for the mural […]

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We’re heading back to Vuyani Primary for Round 3!

21 May 2009 | Annie Wakefield

With only a couple of weeks left before our project kicks off I thought it an opportune time to update everyone about is happening on the CSR front here in Cape Town. As some of […]

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TLC goes back to school

20 May 2009 | Alex Christie

Its less than 3 weeks to the big project at Oak Lodge school, so here at Tamar Lifeline Charity, we thought it a good time to update on how preparations are going in the UK. […]