6 October 2011

Steve Jobs and me

The Macintosh SE30 was my very first computer. My boss plonked one down on my desk late one Friday: “take this home over the weekend. By the time you come in on Monday I expect you to know how to use it”. I looked at him aghast. I had never used a computer before. There was no manual. I wasn’t …

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17 July 2010

iPhone 4.0 perfection, hardly too much to ask, is it Steve?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs understands disappointment better than most (take a look at his Stanford University Commencement speech) so I hope he won’t mind me saying that the iPhone 4.0 delivers emotional deflation with exceptional style and timing. For the avoidance of doubt (and for ‘Sosumi’ legal precision), I will say right now that you would have to prise the …

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28 May 2010

Chewing on Apple: Has Jobs killed Flash?

My perception of Apple is that of the good guy with Microsoft being the bad guy – PCs get viruses Macs don’t. The Apple brand always maintains an air of Californian free spirit, born out of Sixties hippie culture, whose principles are clearly evident in their products and user-friendly operating systems. But with Apple’s continued blockade against Adobe Flash are …

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11 May 2010

Apple boss Steve Jobs explains ban on Flash

Steve Jobs recently published an open letter defending Apple’s decision not to allow Flash on many of the firm’s products. Neither the iPod, iPhone nor iPad can run the software despite the widespread use of Flash technology on websites for video and animations. Jobs said Flash was made for an era of “PCs and mice” and performed poorly when translated to …

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