9 February 2010

Google Buzzing; Most applauding; Noticeable lack of Waving

In what is fast becoming the year of ‘big announcements’ from the major players, Google have unveiled their newest foray in to ‘the social space’ tonight. The launch of ‘Google Buzz’ was announced by Google at 10am west-coast-time, and has so far been met with mixed reactions – as most of these things seem to… In a nutshell, Google Buzz …

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14 December 2009

Facebook privacy tweaks allow targeted status updates

One of the less-publicised new features that rolled-out to all Facebook users this week, along with the much-talked-about new privacy settings is the ability to target your status updates to certain groups of people. Simply clicking on the little padlock icon that now shows up beneath the status update box brings up a plethora of options for how that (or …

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