24 July 2014

The SocialGames continue – Commonwealth edition

As the Commonwealth Games kicks-off up in Glasgow today, the team at Tamar are once again taking a look at the social impact of the event, both on the sporting brands who surround the Games and the athletes themselves. Just like we did during London 2012, Sochi 2014 and last month’s World Cup, we’re going to be tracking how the …

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8 July 2014

Has the world got bored of the Tour de France?

Even the most ardent anti-sports people will be hard-pressed to disagree that 2014 is an impressive year for sports. With the World Cup, Winter Oympics and Commonwealth Games all making a massive impact on our senses, plus annual events like Wimbledon, the Marathon, boat race and more ensuring that almost every sporting fan is catered for. As you’ll know if …

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30 June 2014

10 bite-sized social media facts from the World Cup

Over half-way through the World Cup, and the way global brands have been capitalising on the event is impressive. We’ve had some innovative marketing thanks to Suarez’s bite, more Facebook conversations than the Winter Olympics, the Oscars and the Superbowl combined, and games that have generated 16million+ tweets – with impressive growth in Twitter followers from individual player accounts too. …

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23 December 2012

23rd December- Remember the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

23rd December:  All that British cynicism and apathy finally vanished, as we were all stunned by Danny Boyle’s creative, eccentric and totally, wonderfully British opening ceremony.  ‘Isles of wonder’ featured athletes from over 200 countries. Actors, volunteers and musicians celebrated contributions that Britain has made to the world. It really was spectacular, and we’d challenge you to find someone who wasn’t ‘wowed’ …

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21 December 2012

21st December- Remember When Andy Murray Won Gold?

After a tumultuous relationship borne through several frustrating Wimbledon appearances, the country finally warmed to Andy Murray in 2012, as we all cheered him for winning Gold. The chilly Scot finally had a massive grin on his face – Murray described beating Federer as the ‘the best week of my life. Will Murray’s tennis career be complete in 2013, by …

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19 December 2012

19th December – Remember Usain Bolt’s 100m Victory?

“Number one baby, all day, every day!”… Today we celebrate Usain Bolt’s 100m victory. Bolt beat off the likes of Blake and Gatlin to win Olympic Gold, completing the sprint in just 9.63 seconds. If the two billion people watching Bolt had blinked, they could have missed it. Bolt really did show why he is so often regarded as the …

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15 December 2012

15th December- Remember the Appearance of the First Saudi Athlete?

Today our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app celebrates the first EVER Saudi female athletes to compete in the Olympics. Track athlete Sarah Atar and judoka Wojdan Shaherkani made history when they competed at London 2012. This was an incredibly momentous occasion, proving just how far the Olympic culture has progressed. They didn’t win any medals, but we hope to see a bigger Female …

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14 December 2012

14th Remember when Bradley Wiggins was Enthroned?

Today, in our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app we celebrate Bradley Wiggins being crowned king of the biking world ‘Wiggo’ made victory look both effortless  and cool when he sat outside Hampton Court at the end of his race, shining in the glory of winning both the Tour de France and Olympic Gold. In our opinion, he is an incredible role …

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10 December 2012

10th December- Remember when David Weir Won 4 Paralympic Gold Medals?

Today’s ‘Year to Celebrate’ entry is a truly remarkable triumph! Not only did paralympian David Weir compete in an outstanding seven races, in just ten days, he completed a total of 35.3 miles, and he won *FOUR* Gold medals! David Weir, achieved his dream of putting disabled athletes on the map…an inspiration to all! Described by head coach of UK …

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5 December 2012

5th December – Remember the Olympics Closing Ceremony?

 A fine example of that saying ‘Everything good must come to an end’, and what a bloody good end it was! The world realised how GREAT Britain is and what better way to celebrate than with a party?! This was one party that everyone wished they’d been invited to, showing just how good us Brit’s are at partying. Featuring performances …

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