19 May 2011

Bing utilising Facebook data to break Google’s dominance in Search

In October last year, Bing took its first steps into the world of ‘social searching’ when it began displaying search results that included Facebook ‘Like’ data.  An expansion incorporating Facebook data into its search engine algorithm was announced this week. It would appear Microsoft are attempting to positioning themselves as a social search engine and betting on this breaking Google’s …

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16 November 2009

Social Search and SEO integration

I recently read a number of really insightful blogs detailing the case that social search maybe a realistic threat to the future of SEO, but as insightful as they were I can’t help but oppose a number of the key points that act as the foundation for the argument. It’s undeniable that people are starting to access websites in different …

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27 October 2009

Surfacing content – why you need to do this

And what is surfacing content? Following on from the announcement last week about Google’s new Social Search which has now officially launched here I noticed that a certain phase was used a few times in describing how elements of Social Search works and that phrase was ‘surface content‘. But what does that actually mean and what do you need to …

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22 October 2009

Google Social Search – New!

Don’t get too excited though Alongside the announcement of Google and Twitter signing a deal it was also revealed that Google is to launch a new product called Social Search via their Google Labs experimental team. Sounds great yes? Well, I am not that excited as you have to  a Google Account, a Google Profile, and friends listed as Google …

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