18 June 2013

Tamar18 Digital Milestones – the Top 10

The Report As you can probably tell from our tweets and posts in the past few days, today sees the launch of Tamar’s latest research report: ‘Project18: Digital Milestones‘. We got together with a wealth of influential figures who have witnessed the key moments in digital over the past 18 years, to put together a definitive list of milestones. The …

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3 July 2012

Cycling retail brands lead British ecommerce pack

The latest infographic in Tamar’s BrandLove series takes British sports brands as its subject and, with the Tour de France kicking off this weekend, we have been fascinated to discover that the cycling sports brands are now leading the British pack as our table shows. When we kicked-off Our BrandLove series last year we decided to measure ‘love’ by the …

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10 November 2009

Google Caffeine live after holidays

Google Caffeine live, but not fully until January Matt Cutts has posted that the Google Caffeine is not expected to go fully live until January 2010. In a bid to stem concern from retailers that a big shake up (which was not really likely anyway) he has said that caffeine results will be made available on a visible datacenter soon …

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28 September 2009

Could UK postal strikes affect online sales this Christmas?

Although for the most of us Christmas still seems a long way off, we can correctly assume that retailers are already well into their festive marketing strategies. Only this week I saw my first 2009 selection box stacked neatly in the supermarket amongst other suitable ‘gifts’. And we can expect alot more in the coming weeks as retailers execute tried …

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