21 April 2015

Tamar’s #DigitalHistory – The Story of Pinterest

With our twentieth birthday fast approaching, we’ve seen many sites come and go – from the highs (Facebook, Google) to the lows (remember Boo.com?!). We’ve seen them all, and we’ve learnt many lessons from them. Throughout 2014, we released a series of infographics which explored the birth and dramatic growth of some of the most famous brands on the internet. …

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26 November 2013

mChristmas – A mobile site (or app) is not just for Christmas

Our mChristmas feature has been focused on mobile commerce in the run up to Christmas, because the festive period is such an important one for most retailers. However, providing an excellent online experience across all devices is clearly not just a target that retailers should be aiming for at Christmas. If retailers have missed out on optimizing their ecommerce sites …

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1 October 2013

Digital December: Crack the Christmas Crowds Online

Whilst many of us are clinging on to the last rays of sunshine, and hoping for a mild autumn, the retailers amongst us are busy planning their Christmas and New Year campaigns, readying themselves for what for most will be the busiest time of their year. Planning special offers, finalising brochures and redesigns and probably even briefing their team on …

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8 July 2013

YouTube Pro… The Rise of Bloggers and YouTubers.

Remember when bloggers would make videos of themselves messing around as an entertaining hobby to share with friends? It seems those days are long gone. Today, bloggers and YouTubers can potentially have the biggest influence over your target customers… Popular bloggers and YouTubers set themselves up by creating videos on areas that they are passionate about, as well as commenting …

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20 May 2013

Tamar: Pets at work put their best paw forward

Over the last week Tamar have been emphasising the benefits of office pets, but we also want to talk about the great things they do outside of the office! Yesterday our office dogs, Oli & Molly, embarked on their debut charitable act – ‘Best Paw Forward’ for Cancer Research and raised a very respectable £310! Here’s what the naughty twosome got up to on their walk down Thames Path: Upon …

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2 May 2013

Understand your audience – Not all influencers are the same

Last month’s Spotlight series highlighted that bloggers are one of the most influential advocates for any brand.  Spotlight gives each brand an individual strategy which increases the likelihood of successful engagement with a brands target consumers. A great example of tailoring a brands message to its demographic was recently featured in the press where high street fashion chain Evans used …

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22 April 2013

Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Parenting

By now, the need to build relationships with influencers should be something you consider necessary for your brand. As previously mentioned, these bloggers offer sincere and honest opinions in products/services reviews, and are becoming a trusted source of information for your consumers. Incorporating influencer engagement into your brand’s marketing strategy is definitely the way to go. If you’re still not …

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13 February 2013

Britain’s Digital Brands show dramatic annual growth in their social communities on Valentine’s Day

Today on Valentine’s Day Tamar is launching our 3rd annual edition of BrandLove25. Our ongoing project to measure the ‘love’ shown in their social media communities for Britain’s leading digital brands. In 2013 the analysis looks specifically at year-on-year social community growth. In this harsh economic climate we reasoned that those brands who had grown their social communities dramatically since …

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1 November 2012

Online vs. Bricks and Mortar Shopping

New research from Tealeaf has shown that consumers are more likely than ever before to choose the ease of online shopping, over bricks and mortar stores. Out of 2,071 adults, 83% choose to use online shopping to make purchases. Among the 34-44 age group, 85% prefer e-commerce. The  report looked at devices consumers use when researching and purchasing travel, retail, banking and …

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22 October 2012

Online sales experience fastest growth for over a year!

Reports released today show that online sales have experienced the biggest increase for over a year. New figures just out, from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales show: £6.4bn was spent online by UK Shoppers in September 16% more than at the same time last year and 11% more than August. This news has led IMRG and Capgemini to raise their forecast for the year to 14% from 13%. The …

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