8 September 2010

Google Streaming event – live blogging

At 5.30 pm UK time Google is going to start their so called Streaming Event. We are expecting a lot of announcements about changes as to the how the Google search results are displayed. Based on tests we have seen over the last few weeks we may see streaming which changes the results shown as you type. We may also …

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27 August 2010

Big changes for Google real-time search results

Big changes for Google’s dynamic and constantly refreshing stream of real time search results or “updates” vertical.  Google real time search results are now incorporating geographic targeting, so sentiment, attitudes, and buzz can be measured by location. Also, Google Alerts, Google’s free content monitoring service, now has the option to incorporate real time results in alerts; this includes results from …

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16 March 2010

Google and PubSubHubbub

Google has developed a system that will enable a Web publisher to ‘automatically submit new content to Google for indexing within seconds of that content being published.’ The name of this protocol is PuSH, or PubSubHubbub. PuSH is a real-time syndication protocol based on ATOM. In this protocol the publisher tells the world about a Hub that it will notify …

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