16 March 2010

Searchers are blind to Real Time Search

At the end of 2009 Google launched real time search results to show Google users updates as they were happening around the web. This pretty much meant crawling Twitter and displaying the tweets from trending topics. As you can see in the screenshot pictured here the real time search results are all from twitter.com. If you are a Twitter user …

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13 January 2010

Google’s Pagerank adapted to prioritise tweeters

Ever since Google began to include real-time results in the SERPs, from sites like Twitter and other blogs, speculation has been rife as to how they prioritise which tweets appear and which don’t. Whilst a search on a popular ‘hot topic’ can often reveal what seems like a fast stream of tweets, a corresponding search on a site like Twitter …

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9 October 2009

Is real-time the future of the web?

There has been a lot of talk about the real-time web and how it is ‘the future’ but what exactly is the real-time web and why should we care? Put simply, the real-time web is instant. You do something and the system you are interacting with knows what you have done, does what it does and lets the rest of …

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