1 July 2013

Mastering Metrics for SEO

Links play a fundamental role in search engine optimisation. Search engines use links as an indicator of a site’s authority, considering each link to be a vote of confidence. However, not all “votes” are equal. The internet is made up of millions of websites and web pages which vary in quality – as do their respective links. In terms of …

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2 July 2010

The Great nofollow Debate

Recently Matt Cutts posted a video on the Google Webmaster YouTube channel stating that in the vast majority of circumstances site owners should not add nofollow attributes on internal links.

There is some disagreement in the SEO community on this issue with a poll on Search Engine Roundtable showing a fairly even split of opinion, (48% saying they do use nofollows internally and 52% saying they don’t).

So with that in mind I thought it best to chime in to the debate and state my position

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13 January 2010

Google’s Pagerank adapted to prioritise tweeters

Ever since Google began to include real-time results in the SERPs, from sites like Twitter and other blogs, speculation has been rife as to how they prioritise which tweets appear and which don’t. Whilst a search on a popular ‘hot topic’ can often reveal what seems like a fast stream of tweets, a corresponding search on a site like Twitter …

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