19 July 2010

Quick Tips for Microsoft Outlook

Here is a few tips on how to use Microsoft Outlook more productively, and get the most out of your day(s). Email: Remove Invalid E-Mail Addresses from Autocomplete List When composing an e-mail, you may have come across a time where you have started entering a name in the “To” field, only to see an invalid or old nickname / …

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17 May 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 will be in shops on 15th June

Microsoft Office 2010 is set to be officially available on 15th June.  This will be the next big thing for Microsoft this year, on the heels of the successful release of Windows 7. This version of the popular office suite has completed its beta cycle on the 12th May, and will be released for manufacturing once final checks are approved. …

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19 October 2009

Improving the speed of Outlook 2007

One of the biggest issues with upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007, is that the new version of Outlook is extremely slow – bordering on unusable. Having put up with the slow performance for the past two weeks, I finally decided to investigate the problem and came across the following fix which was recommended by DELL. Step 1 Right click on …

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