7 February 2014

2014: The Year of Sport #Go4Greatness

As the Winter Olympics start in Russia, they signify not just the launch of another major sporting event, but the kick-off of a pretty amazing year for sport. And not just for global sport  – here in the UK we’ve got a lot of reasons to celebrate our sporting prowess in 2014. As well as Sochi 2014, the Tour de …

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20 December 2012

20th December: Remember When Jessica Ennis Won Heptathlon Gold?

Golden Girl Jess Ennis started Team GB’s Gold rush on Super Saturday – the image of her with the flag around her shoulders, the tears, the cheers… What an incredible day for British sport. Add to that her second place in this week’s “Sports Personality of the Year”and you’ve got a pretty good year for the girl from Sheffield. And …

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19 December 2012

19th December – Remember Usain Bolt’s 100m Victory?

“Number one baby, all day, every day!”… Today we celebrate Usain Bolt’s 100m victory. Bolt beat off the likes of Blake and Gatlin to win Olympic Gold, completing the sprint in just 9.63 seconds. If the two billion people watching Bolt had blinked, they could have missed it. Bolt really did show why he is so often regarded as the …

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14 December 2012

14th Remember when Bradley Wiggins was Enthroned?

Today, in our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app we celebrate Bradley Wiggins being crowned king of the biking world ‘Wiggo’ made victory look both effortless  and cool when he sat outside Hampton Court at the end of his race, shining in the glory of winning both the Tour de France and Olympic Gold. In our opinion, he is an incredible role …

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9 December 2012

9th December-Remember the Olympic Torch Relay?

Today, our ‘Year to Celebrate’ advent app, remembers the spectacular Olympic torch relay! Women want him; men want to be him… Sporting legend David Beckham, met the Olympic flame, as it landed from Greece and begun the memorable torch relay. The Olympic Committee for Great Britain wanted to make London2012 the ‘people’s games’… Not only lifting the spirits of commuters in …

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8 December 2012

8th December -Remember when Beth Tweddle Finally Won her Olympic Medal

Highly talented, and world championship winning gymnast, Beth Tweddle, had never won an Olympic medal. Until, London 2012… Not only was London 2012 on home turf, and her final Olympics, she finally got that truly deserved bronze medal! Outtakes: Oscar Pistorius, World champion,  Paralympian was the ‘face’ of the Paralympics. Not only did he win two Gold medals and one …

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7 December 2012

7th December- Remember the First EVER Women Rowers to Win Gold?

Today’s ‘Year to Celebrate’ entry is something we want to see repeated in *all* future Olympics! We hadn’t won a medal for days. We feared our winning streak was over. We were all feeling a bit deflated by a few days of Olympic medal drought, when Heather Stanning and Helen Glover reminded us all that Team GB has some of the most …

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1 December 2012

1st December- Remember when Ellie Simmonds MBE Won Gold!

Happy Advent! If you’re as excited about Christmas as we are, you’ll have already opened the first door in your advent calendar this morning – and hopefully you’ve done the same in our Year to Celebrate Advent app, too! If you haven’t yet downloaded it (it’s completely free), you can do so here. Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you do …

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