4 November 2016

Predictions 2017: SEO

SEO is an ever-changing ball game where the rules are changed over 500 times in a year by Google. While it is important to keep up with all the changes and try to abide by all the new rules, it is equally important to identify trends and plan in advance to stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, …

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5 April 2013

So, you want to work in SEO?

Click on our careers page and you’ll discover that we’re hiring. In fact, we have been hiring for some time now… It’s not that we’re incompetent at promoting ourselves – far from! Instead, like most businesses, we’re selective when it comes to recruiting new talent. Tamar is a digital marketing agency; SEO, Social Media and Mobile are part and parcel …

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26 June 2012

Are Tom Daley and Jess Ennis Team GB’s ‘hottest’ athletes?

Published today, exactly one month to go before the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, Tamar’s Sports Index Vol 4 looks at the popularity of Google searches for the currently selected Team GB athletes and throws up some interesting results. The report looked at each Team GB athlete name by search volumes in the UK and ranked the athletes …

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20 October 2011

How Will Google’s SSL Encryption Affect Natural Search?

Google engineer Matt Cutts announced earlier this week that all Google.com users logged into their Google accounts (like gmail) will not be traceable.  This means SEOs like ourselves cannot track what keywords have been used to arrive at our clients’ sites.  However, even while on personalised search, the PPC ads are still trackable. Why the move now?  Google says it’s …

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16 June 2010

Brand lessons from the history of search

There’s little point in looking back unless you can learn something so I wanted to use today’s birthday retrospective to pull out some useful, relevant and fresh understanding for brands engaging in SEO. I was only a one-year-old, in Tamar terms, when the Big Bang happened (I joined the team in 1998). That’s when Google exploded into the Internet and …

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13 November 2009

Bing comes out of Beta! Why now and what can you expect?

Yesterday (November 12th) Microsoft announced that Bing had finally come out of Beta stage in the UK. So what has prompted Microsoft to remove the Beta tag and effectively announce their satisfaction with Bing in the UK? The answer, it seems, lies in localised search: “We promised to remove (the Beta tag) only once our experience would differ from the …

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29 September 2009

Bing in the UK – Hope for Microsoft?

They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Well that is certainly what Google’s competitors must be hoping. So the latest search stats from across the pond must have caused some people to think that finally a David had been born to humble the Google Goliath. According to these stats, Bing (David in this story) has increased its …

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28 September 2009

Measuring Onsite content

I was at ad tech on 23rd September and attended quite a few talks during the day. I found one talk particlulary interesting which was about why brands should invest in onsite content and how we can measure the effect of content. From a purely brand prespective (beyond SEO), content could benefit the site from a variety of factors: Brand …

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19 May 2009

Want more referrals in a gloomy year?

That’s the message coming out of Hitwise as a follow up to their report last week that paid search traffic is down by 26%. Specifically the share of paid clicks to insurance web sites is down 22% and to retail sites down by 20%. However, search-reffered traffic to finance sites is up 16% year on year and up 9% to …

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