17 June 2015

Why are people so upset by the new Spotify logo?

A lot of angry Spotify users took to Twitter this morning to complain about the colour change of the Spotify logo on iOS devices. Like any great consumer uproar, it’s even got it’s own hashtag: #50ShadesOfGreen. Despite the arguably minor change, in general the response has been full of negativity and confusion. i’m considering deleting the spotify app simply because the …

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19 April 2013

Twitter Introduces Twitter #Music

Twitter is expanding into all kinds of new services these days. Rumours have once again been flying, about what Twitter’s next bold move was going to be, especially after the mention of an upcoming announcement last week. Well, yesterday, Twitter took to ‘Good Morning America’ and announced ‘Twitter  #Music’ a slick, new service and app likened to a ‘21st Century …

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26 May 2010

Google fuels battle with Apple with new product launches

Google has always been known for acquiring small start ups and integrating them into the bigger Google picture and further extending the giant reach that the company already enjoys. Google has, for a while, been a lot more than a search engine. It has become a company known for being multi-dimensional and has moved into broad areas trying to capitalise …

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27 April 2010

Spotify moves to become a social music platform

In a move that will inevitably be seen as a response to the recent hype around mFlow and their ‘Social Music Store’, Spotify have announced a raft of new features today. The most significant of these is surely the ability to share your own Spotify ‘Profile’ with your friends – turning Spotify from a music player in to a social …

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29 October 2009

Tunes just a click away

This week see’s Google make a significant step forward in its quest to provide users with ever more accessible information by releasing a new music attribute to its search listings. The new music features provides users looking for songs or albums, the opportunity to preview or even purchase the tracks at the click of a button. Google has partnered with …

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