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6 August 2013

TouchScore™ – how much impact does your brand have on consumers online? | Beverages

When was the last time you measured the effectiveness of social media? Not so long ago, we introduced you to TouchScore™, our very own holistic social media measurement tool. This month, we’re bringing back TouchScore™ in all its future-proof and robust glory! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be evaluating some of the world’s leading brands across some of …

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18 December 2012

US Sees Twitter and Nielsen Establish Social TV Rating

A new social reach metric for Social TV and analytics has been announced in the US by Nielsen. During a year where second screen viewing has become even more popular, this is a significant move for the industry and programmers developing increasingly more captivating TV. Nielsen are the leading provider of insights into what consumers watch and buy. Twitter, have …

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3 August 2011

You’re so vain, I bet you think this metric is about you…

Something is really puzzling me. We’re bang slap in the middle of in an economic recession (aka ‘an economy moving at a snail’s pace’) so you’d think all brands would be biting agencies’ hands off to talk about how much money they can generate for them online. Wouldn’t you? But here’s the funny thing. A section of clients simply can’t …

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16 August 2010

Top search rankings are just a part of successful SEO campaigns

Are we finally dismantling the incomplete myth of SEO as a simple, headlong rush for highest visibility, measured by a simple metric – ‘being top means success’. Tamar’s vision has always been focused beyond the simple rankings metric but the debate around the value of top positions on the search engines has been refreshed this year and I’ve been following …

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