20 December 2011

A sneak preview of Twitter analytics, thanks to @ThatKevinSmith

If you’re an astute Twitter user with your finger on the proverbial pulse, you may know that film director, podcaster and general raconteur Kevin Smith recently became a Twitter shareholder (albeit not, presumably, to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal levels). His link to the company, as well as his circa-2 million followers presumably makes him part of the “Power User” base …

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17 February 2010

7 lessons you can learn from Southwest Airlines

If you haven’t been following the ‘buzz’ on Twitter in the past few days, you may have missed what has become the social media story of the week, namely Director Kevin Smith’s experiences with the US airline Southwest. As it’s been immensely well covered, I won’t waste too much time giving you the background – if you want to read …

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14 October 2009

When should one tweet for optimum effectiveness?

I should start this post with a caveat – whilst it’s quite common to use a provocative question in the title of a blog post, and then proceed to answer the question in the post, I should point out that I don’t know the answer to this question! I’ll explain why I’m asking it in a second, and a few …

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