28 May 2010

Chewing on Apple: Has Jobs killed Flash?

My perception of Apple is that of the good guy with Microsoft being the bad guy – PCs get viruses Macs don’t. The Apple brand always maintains an air of Californian free spirit, born out of Sixties hippie culture, whose principles are clearly evident in their products and user-friendly operating systems. But with Apple’s continued blockade against Adobe Flash are …

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11 May 2010

Apple boss Steve Jobs explains ban on Flash

Steve Jobs recently published an open letter defending Apple’s decision not to allow Flash on many of the firm’s products. Neither the iPod, iPhone nor iPad can run the software despite the widespread use of Flash technology on websites for video and animations. Jobs said Flash was made for an era of “PCs and mice” and performed poorly when translated to …

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6 April 2010

The iPad Question

This past weekend Apple’s latest creation, the “magical and revolutionary” iPad was released in the United States. The initial sales numbers seem promising- more than 300,000 have been sold on the first day, along with a million applications and 250,000 e-books. The iPad appears to be a hit and has been receiving largely positive reviews- tech blogs around the Internet …

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10 March 2010

The Importance of Early Innovation

Apple vs Sony Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on Sony’s upcoming products which are posed to challenge Apple’s beloved iPhone and the “revolutionary” iPad.  The article explained that while Sony had a rocky past and mixed success with both its cell phone and gaming divisions, its newest portable devices are meant to offer solid competition to Apple’s …

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10 February 2010

Apple iPad: revolutionary, or just a silly idea?

The tablet computer, which is generally defined as a computer format with wireless capability and a touch screen, is not a new idea.  Arguably conceived from science-fiction television shows, often seen in Battlestar Galactica for instance, these computers are seen as lifestyle tools. So when the design savvi, hugely successful, technology company Apple Corporation recently announced that they were going …

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27 January 2010

The Apple iPad – Paper is finally dead

Minutes ago Steve Jobs announced the latest product to change the world. We are of course talking about the much hyped and eagerly anticipated iTablet, iSlate, iPad. That’s right, they called it the iPad… Will it actually be as good as the hype suggests? Well here’s a breakdown of the features of the iPad: The screen is a 9.7″ high …

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