25 March 2010

Innovation is NOT Dead

Twitter. Facebook. Digg. Gowalla. Flickr. Buzz… There’s an ever-growing list of platforms which businesses can tap into and create a profitable online social media presence. Many companies have already jumped on these opportunities, building creative strategies to engage online communities. Some have misread the current environment incorrectly, believing that the social media creative market is over-saturated. You don’t hear of …

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30 June 2009

Online Marketing Show 09 #OMS09

Online Marketing Show 09 #OMS09 Today I attended the Online Marketing Show at Olympia, convienienlty just up the road. You can see me on their intro video head down while beach ball were kicked around. But more on that later. So on a hot and sunny day what were my impressions and what did I learn? Well, I saw quite …

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