19 April 2017

The Future of Image Search

There’s always a lot of chatter in the search community about the future of SEO: “What effect will AI have on search?”, “Is the future of search keyword-less?” SEO is an ever-changing industry, mainly because search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly using new technologies in order to improve their user’s experience. This constant state of evolution can …

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17 September 2009

Google Fast Flip in Image Search as well?

I was casually searching for some pictures of Sonic Youth and I noticed some new bars (similiar to the new Fast Flip)  to the right and left of the Google Image Search results page. It lets you navigate to the next page without having to scroll all the way down to get to the next page of results. I don’t …

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19 August 2009

Image search: am I doing it wrong?

There’s no doubt that image optimisation has the potential to increase traffic, but I want to know why more sites don’t make better use of this? Or am I doing it wrong? I use Google images all the time, especially, as a woman, when looking at shoes, dresses, jeans and so on. Searching this way is easier and more brand-liberating …

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6 August 2009

Image search – Who is #1?

I am a huge fan of image searches and my favourite search engine is quite often determined by their image search results. MSN have always had a good image search function and Bing improved that service even more when it was release and naturally, Google had to respond. And they have, but how do the two image searches stack up …

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