5 May 2010

HTML 5 and accessibility

I’ve written previously about HTML 5 and the new possibilities that it offers. But how will HTML 5 affect web accessibility? HTML 5 has so far received limited support from the most commonly used browsers, with the most HTML 5¬†support being offered¬†by Safari (Webkit based browsers) and Opera (Presto based browsers), followed by Firefox (Gecko based browsers). A well-built web …

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4 May 2010

Microsoft clarifies its stand on IE9 Flash

Microsoft got some bad publicity last week due to its stand on IE9 and Flash support. On Thursday last week, Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of Internet Explorer, published a blog post noting that “the future of the web is HTML5”, citing its performance and hardware support. This caused a stir of comments and news stories with people stating that Microsoft …

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8 July 2009

HTML 5: Its impact on the future of web design and development

The fundamental core of web design is due to be shaken up, when HTML 5.0 and Xhtml 2.0 are released. It’s a very interesting time for web designers, especially when two of the fundamental tools used by front-end developers are to be given a major upgrade or reinvention in the upcoming months or years. Not to forget the progress being …

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