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26 April 2017

Move Over Position 1, There’s a New Place in Town.

For more than 18 years SEOs and brand have been fighting to get their websites ranking at the coveted position 1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  However, now there’s a new position that’s worth fighting for, position 0. What is position 0? Position 0 is otherwise known as a featured snippet.  These have been around for 2 years now …

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25 April 2017

How to Conquer Google by Hacking User Intent

Google is constantly getting smarter. Its overall aim is to accurately understand user intent, providing the desired results on page 1, if not in the top 3 search results. Google wants to provide web pages that are valuable and relevant to the user. Google’s RankBrain, part of their overall search algorithm, aims to improve the relevance of search engine results by trying to …

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millennials, PPC, SEO,
10 April 2017

Mistrusting Millennials – Why Your PPC Budget is Being Wasted

With Millennials coming of age and starting to have more spending power than any other generation, more and more brands are focusing their marketing efforts towards this lucrative demographic. However, a new group means new methods of communication.  We’ve long since passed the days when big billboard and TV advertising campaigns can guarantee increased sales. Millennials have grown up with the …

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29 March 2017

OK Google. What does Voice Search mean for SEO?

The continuing rise of mobile, smart ‘digital assistants’ such as Google’s own Home product due to launch in the UK in April, Amazon’s Alexa, plus a surge in connected devices such as in-car assistants has given rise to a shift in the way people are searching for information and products online, by using voice search instead of typing keyword searches …

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Fred Update
29 March 2017

Google’s ‘Fred’ update – Two Weeks On

Two weeks ago we had our say on Google’s ‘Fred’ update, named after Google’s Gary Illyes’ pet fish. There was a lot of chatter in the search community, but until recently, nothing was confirmed by Google. However, in a Webmaster hangout on Friday 24th, the update was pretty much confirmed. So it’s out there, and even though Google makes updates to …

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google smartphone optimise mobile
29 March 2017

Google’s Mobile-First Index

A few months ago, Google shared news that they will be releasing a mobile-first index. Something that had all SEOs talking. This mobile-first index is something that Tamar experts are keeping an eye on as it’s going to have a major impact on the world of SEO and rankings. Here’s our guide to the mobile-first index, its definitions and updates. What does …

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Google Algorithm Fred Update
14 March 2017

New Google update ‘Fred’ further hits sites with spammy links

Although unconfirmed, multiple sources have reported Google has likely rolled out a new algorithm update to crack down on sites with poor link profiles. Google is continually updating its algorithm in order to demote sites practising bad link acquisition techniques, or ‘black hat SEO’ methods, and this update follows a succession of rollouts which we last saw in early February, …

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local seo on screen
20 February 2017

Local SEO A-Z #6: What not to do

Google is paying more and more attention to local SEO, adapting to searchers’ desires to find businesses nearby to them. This makes local SEO a critical tool for businesses that want to attract nearby customers. In our last blog we looked at some key metrics that matter to local SEO. Now that we have discussed what local SEO is and …

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4 November 2016

Predictions 2017: SEO

SEO is an ever-changing ball game where the rules are changed over 500 times in a year by Google. While it is important to keep up with all the changes and try to abide by all the new rules, it is equally important to identify trends and plan in advance to stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, …

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17 February 2016

Is ‘dark social’ as dark as it sounds?

If you’ve not heard of the concept of ‘dark social’ before let’s sum it up in one sentence: When measuring traffic driven to a website from social channels, some of it doesn’t show up due to a variety of different factors. How important is this and is it something that any digital marketer needs to lose any sleep over? There …

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