9 February 2010

Google Buzzing; Most applauding; Noticeable lack of Waving

In what is fast becoming the year of ‘big announcements’ from the major players, Google have unveiled their newest foray in to ‘the social space’ tonight. The launch of ‘Google Buzz’ was announced by Google at 10am west-coast-time, and has so far been met with mixed reactions – as most of these things seem to… In a nutshell, Google Buzz …

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29 May 2009

Google’s Wave blows Microsoft’s Bing out of the water

On the day that Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is announced, Google reinforced its position as market leader by unveiling its new communication platform, Google Wave. Whilst Microsoft chose to display its efforts on revolutionizing the search engine by creating a ‘decision’ engine, (a move that can only be seen as an attempt to chip away at Google’s dominant market …

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