18 June 2013

Imagine a world without Google…

As you will probably have seen by now, the Number 1 spot in our 18 years ‘Digital Milestones’ white paper (read the full report here, or our blog about the top 10 here) was taken by – no surprises for guessing – the launch of Google. Beating Facebook, Web 2.0, Twitter, the iPhone and more, the launch of the world’s …

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7 May 2010

Googlemail becomes Gmail again in the UK

Finally after a 5 year trademark dispute between Google and a company called Independent International Investment Research has come to end. The IIIR claimed it used the term “Gmail” first, and this resulted in claims from Google that a settlement between them and IIIR was “exorbitant” and they decided dropped the name. Users who created a Gmail(which is short for …

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9 February 2010

Twitter and Facebook in Google’s crosshairs

Things have changed in the online world over the past two years. Normally Google has been the company that has made the waves and innovations, but when it comes to social media the company has really struggled to implement some solid strategies and match the success that they obtained in the search department. So far Google have appeared to sit …

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22 October 2009

Google Social Search – New!

Don’t get too excited though Alongside the announcement of Google and Twitter signing a deal it was also revealed that Google is to launch a new product called Social Search via their Google Labs experimental team. Sounds great yes? Well, I am not that excited as you have to  a Google Account, a Google Profile, and friends listed as Google …

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20 November 2008

GMail Gets a Facelift… From You!

News has reached us from the team in Cape Town that Google have today rolled out a new "themes" option for GMail users – though it doesn't seem to have reached the depths of London quite yet…! It seems that Google have caught the theming bug something chronic – users of iGoogle will already be used to having the option …

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