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Which players took home trophies in the Twitter World Cup?

15 July 2014 | Henry Elliss

As you may have seen over on our Twitter feed, we’ve spent the World Cup watching the players both on the pitch and on social media. Just like we did during the London 2012 Olympics, […]

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10 bite-sized social media facts from the World Cup

30 June 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Over half-way through the World Cup, and the way global brands have been capitalising on the event is impressive. We’ve had some innovative marketing thanks to Suarez’s bite, more Facebook conversations than the Winter Olympics, […]

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TouchScore Sport and SocialCup: the Twitter World Cup table

12 June 2014 | Henry Elliss

TouchScore Sport 2014 Back in February we introduced you to our “TouchScore Sport 2014” project – a year-long initiative to track how effectively the biggest sporting brands in the UK are capitalising on 2014′s amazing […]

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Cycling retail brands lead British ecommerce pack

3 July 2012 | Tanya Goodin

The latest infographic in Tamar’s BrandLove series takes British sports brands as its subject and, with the Tour de France kicking off this weekend, we have been fascinated to discover that the cycling sports brands […]