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24 February 2017

Machine Learning Masterclass #1: What is Machine Learning?

Welcome to our Machine Learning Masterclass series. Here we will be talking about the importance of Machine Learning and how this connects with the world of digital marketing. Machine Learning, with its clever set-up and accurate insightful applications, is slowly becoming the buzzword in a plethora of industries. Since Google introduced RankBrain, an algorithm it developed using Machine Learning and …

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16 December 2013

Facebook loves Google – What Facebook marketers can learn from SEO

According to a widely-circulated article by Business Insider last week, Facebook’s latest newsfeed alogithm ‘tweak’ is “screwing an entire profession”. Now, whilst the article in question is rather sensationalist (and if the SEO comments are anything to go by, rather ill-informed) it clearly struck a chord with certain marketers and bloggers, as at least half a dozen friends shared it …

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