2 March 2010

Advertising + Social Media = ♥

Hot on the heels of the rumours about Twitter’s advertising platform, Digg.com – a social news aggregator – has provided a performance update on its innovative advertising model. Several months ago, Digg wowed the world with an advertising system built around social media. Digg’s online visitors and users were able to provide feedback on the site’s ads by “digging” (the …

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2 June 2009

Flocking Sociable

For those of you that can empathise with me as I enjoy a bit of tittle-tattle with my neighbour over the garden fence, welcome to Flock. Whilst this may conjure images of Robert De Niro giving a truth test to Ben Stiller, meeting this flocker will give you social junkies just what you need. Do you have multiple accounts and …

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