17 March 2017

Machine Learning Masterclass #7: What can Machine Learning teach us?

In our Machine Learning Masterclass series so far, we have covered what Machine Learning actually is, the impact it might have on SEO and the sorts of tools and applications that are currently powered by machine learning. In this blog post, we will explore the principles of Machine Learning that we can be applying to our current data analysis practices. …

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7 November 2012

Statistics, big data and neutral mathematical models are the big winners of #Election2012

After months of anticipation, over 31 million tweets, one million votes and weeks of campaigning, Barack Obama, beat Romney (did we ever doubt it?) to be re-elected US President for four more years. No surprise for this ‘Twitter election’, as the results were announced, the tweet stream went into frenzy, hitting a peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute. What did …

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24 November 2009

Twitter launching commercial accounts – but with what?

… As is being reported online this week, Twitter founder Biz Stone has told the BBC that the micro-blogging site will be rolling out paid-for commercial accounts from next year. But before you tweeting brands start to get worried, you needn’t – these changes won’t mean that brands and companies HAVE to pay to be on Twitter, just that there …

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