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Britain’s top digital brands see YOY growth of up to 534%

7 May 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Here at Tamar, we focus and specialise in digital brands. Not only do we love working with digital brands, we like to see them growing and expanding online – which is why we created our […]

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Google Credit Card Comparison Tool

24 February 2010 | Tanya Goodin

Compare Credit Cards with Google Search on Google for credit card and you will see that Google have launched their own comparison tool, not dissimilar to the one for secured loans a few months ago. […]

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PPC vs SEO – A new analogy to consider

22 January 2009 | Henry Elliss

Somebody in the office just came to me and asked if I had a good analogy for the difference between SEO and PPC, other than the usual ones that get thrown around. After a bit […]