25 April 2017

Is ‘brand’ the only future ranking signal for SEO?

Since the ‘Vince’ algorithm update in February 2009, Google has continued to increase the importance of ‘brand’, or ‘brand as a trust signal’, as a ranking factor. As we look to the future, will ‘brand’ become more powerful, or could it even become the only ranking factor for SEO? There are currently a number of branded signals that make up …

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3 November 2014

4 Reasons why your business should care about online reviews

The inability to physically see or touch a product can make the decision whether or not to click ‘buy’ just that extra bit harder. With the amount of choice for online shopping ever expanding, customers are having to rely on factors other than just price to make their decision. This leads us into the first reason why businesses should be investing …

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3 May 2011

Why all marketers should be doing video optimisation

I begin this blog post with the following prediction: Video listings will increase in prominence within Google’s search engine results page (SERP), in the near future (next 18 months). This is likely be in the form of an increased number of videos within the universal results, increased real estate dedicated to videos (similar to recent changes to Google Places) or …

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27 April 2011

HRH 2.0 – Will, Kate (sorry, Catherine) and Google…

With the Royal Wedding almost upon us, we thought it as good a time as any to conduct our own research into how users are reacting to Will and Kate’s big day. Much was made of Charles living in Diana’s shadow and, if the search stats are to be believed, the omens are not good for the second in line …

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27 October 2009

Surfacing content – why you need to do this

And what is surfacing content? Following on from the announcement last week about Google’s new Social Search which has now officially launched here I noticed that a certain phase was used a few times in describing how elements of Social Search works and that phrase was ‘surface content‘. But what does that actually mean and what do you need to …

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20 October 2009

Brands getting three listings?

Google pushing on Brand searches? Just noticed some Brand led searches are firing out some triple listings. So typing in ‘Sky TV Listings’ brings up the following results: Or looking for ‘Dorothy Perkins Dresses’ shows the following: These three listings only appear to be on qualified brand searches. So adding in another element such as ‘dresses’ or ‘listings’ seems to …

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