23 November 2009

Google, Microsoft, Newscorp – whose news is it anyway?

Another day, another chapter in the exciting story of Newscorp vs Google – summarised nicely by Neil in his post “Do no evil? Now who is playing dirty?” – so I won’t go over the details again here. Apart from the obvious arguements of who is right and wrong, who is stealing whose revenues and what is best for the …

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6 October 2009

Blogger Regulation: A good thing

According to new rules revealed Monday by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, American-based bloggers must tell their readers when they’ve been paid and/or given free stuff to review products. Failure to disclose quid pro quo could cost a blogger up to $11,000. I’m all for the FTC rules because along with it comes credibility! How many times have you second guessed the …

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