30 June 2010

Usability best practice, Part 4 – Using personas

Carrying on the series ‘Usability best practice’ I am focusing on the use of personas explaining what they are, why they are useful and how to implement them. What is a persona? Personas, invented by usability pioneer Alan Cooper, in 1998, are widely used by designers, developers and usability experts to help them keep focus on users’ goals and needs. …

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22 March 2010

Improve your ROI with user testing

The focus of conversion design should be to place the user at the centre of your design and to make the user journey as smooth as possible. One of the main ways to achieve this goal is to user test your website. This will lead to a more user friendly and productive site and lead to more sales and less …

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12 February 2010

Usability best practice, Part 2 – Mega drop-down menus

Following on from the first in the series ‘Usability best practice’ which focused on the use of Tabs as navigation I am continuing with another form of navigation system. This blog focuses on mega drop-down menus and their main features and how they have improved standard drop-down menus. The mega drop-down menu is a new and increasingly used navigation system …

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13 January 2010

Usability best practice, Part 1 – Tab navigation

Using tabs as a navigation device has long been an established metaphor and is widely accepted as a user-friendly way to display top-level navigation (primary). But this wasn’t tabs original use they were used to show alternative views of the same group of information known as ‘module’ tabs. Somewhere along the line it evolved into ‘primary’ navigation as we know …

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