13 October 2015

What Does Ad Blocking Mean for SEO?

 With Apple’s controversial decision to allow Ad and Content Blockers on its mobile Safari browser, a lot of questions have been raised about the effects. Adblockers have been around for a while now, but Apple’s decision has made them available to a very large audience which could have a significant impact in online advertising. We all know that some ads …

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15 June 2015

5 potential consequences of Adblock on iPhone

Last week, Apple announced that the latest set of changes to Safari, it’s internet browser, would allow users to use Adblock on iPhone and iPad. Of course, Adblocking’s been around for a while on desktops. It is incredibly popular, with an estimated 140 million people using it, especially among the younger demographic. As online usage is increasingly edging towards mobile, the introduction …

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16 May 2012

5 reasons brands don’t need to advertise on Facebook

The stir created by GM announcing they’re pulling all their paid ad spend from Facebook, just days before the latter’s IPO, has created more than a few online ripples. Digital Industry commentators and journos are now rushing to get out articles entitled “is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?” and “Is the Facebook bubble over?” Let’s be clear. …

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5 December 2011

‘Inside Facebook’ reveals the true value of users

“Inside Facebook” is a must see for any Facebook user, especially if your only point of reference to date has been the Oscar-award winning flick, The Social Network. Facebook is nothing without its users and it’s about time that all users truly understood their value. Throughout the documentary a reporter’s voiceover repeatedly asserted that trust in the platform is key …

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2 March 2010

Advertising + Social Media = ♥

Hot on the heels of the rumours about Twitter’s advertising platform, Digg.com – a social news aggregator – has provided a performance update on its innovative advertising model. Several months ago, Digg wowed the world with an advertising system built around social media. Digg’s online visitors and users were able to provide feedback on the site’s ads by “digging” (the …

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