12 May 2009

New Search Engines – Always a good thing

We often hear of new search engines but most pass by without making any impact onto the search consciousness let alone the general searching public. And part of the difficulty is that although many struggle with even getting close to Google’s relevancy (and that is going to be hard for anyone from a standing start) it is the fact that …

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11 May 2009

Apple Shampoo and the pitfalls of realtime trend data

Trends are in their essence, very trendy and the old saying spreading like wildfire is an understatement for this new monster that I have dubbed – The New Social Web. News is spreading faster and faster on the web these days, with microbloggers like twitter the latest trends are easily detected, and can spread internationally in under a minute.  The …

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8 May 2009

Ten top tips for twittering… Celebs

Recently I’ve been struck by the disparity in the way different celebrities are “utilising” Twitter, and how different the results can be for them when they do. Whilst some commentators would have you believe that the rich and famous are “ruining Twitter” for the rest of us, I personally like nothing better than observing the goings-on of the twitterati in …

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5 May 2009

Brand protection – much more than just domain names!

  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the issue of brand protection in a social media world, and what brands need to know in order to protect themselves properly. But not just in terms of your traditional brands, mind you. Online ‘brands’ these days encompasses everything from companies to celebrities, and even catch-phrases and ‘memes’. So what has got …

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4 May 2009

Surviving the Twitter pandemic.

With the whole world is up in a frenzy over the outbreak of swine flu, it is not surprising that people over many social networks feel they need to air their opinions, views and experiences. This widespread coverage of “news” (and I use this term very loosely) is a great way to get opinions from a far greater pool than …

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1 May 2009

toys.com redirect

Why is it still on a 302? After ToysRUs purchased the domain name www.toys.com a couple of months ago I am left wondering why this is still 302'd to http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categor yId=2255956? Seems like a wee bit of a waste of $5.1m?

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30 April 2009

10 reasons why The Apprentice is like SEO

As an avid fan of the BBC’s finest show – The Apprentice – I regularly tune in to watch the latest goings-on in Sir Alan Sugar’s boardroom, and last night was no exception. But whilst watching, I was suddenly struck by the parallels between SEO and the firings and hirings of Britain’s “finest business minds”…     For any American’s …

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28 April 2009

What the Premier League can teach us about SEO

Footie and SEO – never the twain… till now Ahead of the all important, not to me mind, Champions league matches it suddenly occured to me that there are a lot of similarities between the Premier League and SEO. So I thought I would dive in and see just what we can learn from the Premier League. Lets look at …

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28 April 2009

New version of Office available in 2010

Microsoft Office 2010(also known by its codename "Office 14") is the next version of the Microsoft Office suite for Microsoft Windows, due out some time in 2010. The timing for when it will be available, will differ for big businesses and individual consumers, and also for people who buy packaged software versus those who choose to download it. Some industry …

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24 April 2009

Google street view. Whats your view?

This week saw the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reject a complaint from Privacy International  over the right to show images of people accidently caught on camera by Google Street view, so the search giants latest toy is no longer under threat. This is great news for those who want to find their house on streetview and shout loudly 'I live …

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