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Real life phishing…

9 February 2009 | Alex Christie

As if getting a parking ticket isn’t the epitome of annoyance and frustration, now it seems as if these tickets are trying to rob you as well. There have been reports that a number of [...]

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A “digital clutch” that looks fantastic on the catwalk

6 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Hewlett-Packard is not known for its runway creations, but after the catwalk introduction of this gorgeous digital ‘clutch’, every woman will be lining up to own one. Ok, so you can't put your lipstick, credit [...]

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How to keep track of YouTube videos

6 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Many of us post videos on YouTube and just forget about it after showing it to friends and family, but there's money in YouTube as there is in everything on the internet. You Tube is [...]

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Google app baffled by accents

5 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Someone has managed to detect a “defect” in Google’s search capability in a voice recognition search application designed specifically for iPhones. Great in theory but as with most things in life completely different in practice. [...]

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A £7 laptop?

5 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

 As part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology in India, a new scheme to boost learning in rural areas through the internet has been in the pipeline for about three [...]

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Google Latitude – where are you?

4 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Well, I was going to do a nice interactive blog today about Google Latitude – the new gadget from Google which allows you to see where all your pals are on a map, at the [...]

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My first website…

4 February 2009 | Sarah Graveling

My first website was built over 10 years ago… I was in the final year of my Graphic Information Design degree. Google hadn’t surfaced yet and buying something online was very far from my mind, [...]

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Apple market share on the up

4 February 2009 | Alex Christie

Net Applications is one of the companies that monitor operating system (OS) usage and market share. This is done by looking at results provided by search engines, and although not a dramatic increase there is [...]

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Social media crimes…

4 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

We are quite fond of social networks here at Tamar as you might have gathered. However, there is a (as with most things in life) a darker more sinister side to these sites we visit [...]

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Five things Facebook are doing to celebrate their 5th birthday

4 February 2009 | Henry Elliss

On the day when Facebook celebrates it's firth birthday, I thought we should have a look at how the Social Networking giant is celebrating. In case you haven't read it already, Tanya gave us a [...]