12 May 2016

7 things Google wants you to forget about

The online world often reveals new products. Some can be an overnight success, while some are on-going projects that eventually take off, and others end in failure – some sooner rather than later. Google are a brand who are always pushing new products onto the market, some we couldn’t live without and some they wish we would forget… Welcome to the Google …

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11 May 2016

6 Essential SEO Chrome Extensions

A browser for an SEO is like an extension of their body with browser extensions being as essential as fingers. Here are six Google Chrome extensions used by all of us on daily to make our SEO life easier. #1 Mozbar Number one on our list would have to be a tool made by an authority in the SEO world. …

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9 May 2016

Sorry, but with content it’s quality AND quantity…

The depressing truth is (according to research by Moz) that over 50% of content online has zero shares and nobody is linking to it. We’re also told that the most shared content online is 1,000+ words, so the pressure is on to beef up the word count, but not lose any of the engagement. And it’s not easy… Quality first… …

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5 May 2016

7 Essential SEO Tools

Working in SEO, there are many invaluable tools that we use every day. We’re all aware of Google Analytics, Search Console and Keyword Planner but there are a lot of very useful tools out there that can really improve your SEO. Chrome DevTools – There are many uses for DevTools that will extend beyond SEO needs but this doesn’t stop …

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seo is like game of thrones
4 May 2016

4 ways in which SEO is like Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is very much the big topic of discussion at the moment – whether that’s on social media, around the watercooler at Tamar Towers, or even at dinner with your mum. Since its explosive return a couple of weeks ago, it’s all we can talk about – and we’re starting to see the parallels everywhere…. Did you know …

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29 April 2016


Hi, Remember me? Last time I introduced myself and told you all about my day at Tamar Towers. I’ve been up to a lot recently and owe you all an update. But first I’m going to tell you a bit more about me. I’m 2 years old now, time just flies by doesn’t it? I was born on the 26th …

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28 April 2016

4 Google features from the US elections that brands should adopt

The 2016 Presidential candidate election is one of the most buzzing events in recent history. This buzz is fuelled further by audience engagement in form of online search, video views and social media interactions. To meet the rising need for instant election information, Google has introduced several features that serve as a window into its future plans. Brands interested in staying …

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The month in social
27 April 2016

The month in social: April

We’re only four months into the year and already social media has thrown some unexpected events at us. As another month has flown by it’s time for our social round up, this month we have seen everything; from an exciting  new launch from Pinterest to Facebook continuing to expand its services. Snapchat updates privacy policy Snapchat is the social platform …

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22 April 2016

4 Benefits of Snapchat for Brands

It’s been over four years since Snapchat was released, with the simple function of sharing photos with friends that would disappear after ten seconds. Brands didn’t pay much attention in these early days as the potential to reach users was relatively small. Now, with an increased user base and new features, brands are starting to use Snapchat more frequently, some …

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21 April 2016

Unlocking the secrets of content marketing for brands

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website and most brands understand that it’s important to produce engaging and shareable content frequently. Producing content is not only a great way to improve rankings for SEO purposes, but it’s also important to encourage engagement and keep readers interested and returning to your site. Producing content can take time. …

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