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Social media: Enthusiastically embracing the erosion of our identity

8 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Social network sites are making our children, and us, dumb – shortening our attention spans, causing us to search out sensationalism, creating in users an inability to empathise and leading us to nurse a shaky [...]

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Flash content – the spice of SEO?

8 April 2009 | Alex Christie

In July 2008, a flash searchability announcement by Adobe sparked a wildfire of speculation around the SEO community that Google was almost fully-indexing Flash content. Adobe explained they were working with Google and Yahoo to [...]

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EU ISP’s to store user data for next 12 months!

7 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

As part of the UK’s efforts to improve security after the 2005 London bombings it was revealed this week that internet service providers (ISPs) will be storing user’s email and internet phone calls details for [...]

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Surfing at work: not so bad actually

6 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Finally! An Australian study has proven what so many have been trying to get away with for years: people who use the internet for personal reasons at work are about 9% more productive that those [...]

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Quiet image search revamp for Yahoo

6 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Yahoo has updated its image search with a richer and sleeker interface that displays larger images, popular searches and more results. Also, it's much easier to browse related thumbnails. The Yahoo Image Search preview page [...]

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One-liner site links: an analysis

6 April 2009 | Alex Christie

The Google SERPs have had what might be considered a minor change this week, they have introduced a new kind of site-link called the one-liner. Traditionally site-links were reserved for the number one result for [...]

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TLC 5-a-side Football Tournament 2009

3 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Once again, here I am on the morning after a the night before – and another highly successful charity event – this time the TLC 5-s-side football tournament held at Rocks Lane sports facility, Turnham [...]

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Spam is back

2 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Being a writer and a linguist at heart, I have to confess that I do suffer from a weird fascination with spam emails. I love reading the highly imaginative subject titles (a personal favourite: Paris [...]

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Wales Wikia Wound-up – Wouldn’t Work Well

2 April 2009 | Henry Elliss

In a piece of news that probably caused some confusion due to it's release date (April 1st – though evidently it wasn't a joke), Wikipedia founder James Wales announced his decision to close his 'Wikia [...]

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April fools day to be henceforth known as international linkbait day?

1 April 2009 | Alex Christie

I love April fools day, it is a day where everybody has permission to take the mickey without any retribution or fallout – there are obviously limits to how far you can take things but [...]