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Vuyani Primary Beauty Contest 2009

19 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Vuyani's neighbouring high school Guguletu Comprehensive hosted the Vuyani Primary Beauty Contest 2009 on Saturday afternoon in the school hall. The contest is a fundraiser for Vuyani and I was very honoured to be invited [...]

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Official – Ashton Kutcher bigger than CNN

17 April 2009 | Henry Elliss

Seriously though Ashton, what's with the crazy hat?!For those of you that have been following the big Ashton vs CNN contest over on Twitter (or maybe you read my story about it yesterday?) I'm pleased [...]

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4chan Runs Again

16 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Ashton Kutcher and the CNN have challenged each other to see who can achieve 1,000,000 followers on their Twitter accounts. Both were perilously close at the time of writing; with CNN having 963,493 and Mr. [...]

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Celebrities getting charitable with Twitter

16 April 2009 | Henry Elliss

The world of Twitter has been a-buzz in the past couple of days with talk of celebrities 'giving back' via Twitter. X-men star and all-round Australian nice-guy Hugh Jackman has pledged to give $100,000 to [...]

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An interesting use of typography on the web

15 April 2009 | Alex Christie

April’s XD blog theme is: ‘An interesting use of typography on the web’. The website that I have chosen is: The reason why I have chosen this website is because despite being mainly text-based [...]

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Google Street View causes trouble again

15 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

While citizens have generally accepted the fact that you're never far from a camera in Britain, where millions of surveillance cameras in its streets, shopping centres and public spaces watch your every step, residents in [...]

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Facebook recommends brands; Amazon doesn’t recommend homosexuality

14 April 2009 | Henry Elliss

For most of us today will be the start of a nice short four-day week, following a lovely long four-day weekend – and since we seem to have missed a lot of action over the [...]

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Google image search gets colour filters

9 April 2009 | Alex Christie

Okay, so whilst it might not be an algorithm update or an addition of streetview, we at Tamar like to give the nod to small Google changes as well as the sizable ones. And I [...]

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Oak Lodge School project, London – an appeal for materials and skills!

9 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

At the moment we're all working hard to scope and plan the Oak Lodge School project and we're now appealing for skills and materials to help us out. We've had some fantastic help already from [...]

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Social media: Enthusiastically embracing the erosion of our identity

8 April 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Social network sites are making our children, and us, dumb – shortening our attention spans, causing us to search out sensationalism, creating in users an inability to empathise and leading us to nurse a shaky [...]