13 January 2010

Google to pull plug on China?

Google may end operations in China After a major attack on Google gmail accounts (among those were Chinese activists) last December, Google looks like it may be about to pull out of China. While not directly accusing the Chinese Government of  the attacks Google said they were no longer prepared to censor their Chinese results as agreed in 2006. While …

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12 January 2010

The best job in the world?

I may not spend my days lounging on a sandy white beach, while dolphins frolic and a cool breeze ruffles my hair, but I do have a job in one of the most interesting, fast developing and innovative industries in the world. And 2010 is, I’m certain, going to prove to be one of the most exciting years in Technology. …

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8 January 2010

The Political Search Index Part 2

Party leaders failing to fully protect their online reputations Our new political research shows that Britains party leaders are failing to protect their online repuations. Over the last two months Tamar tracked the reputation management of leading political figures to determine how successful they are at positioning themselves positively online. And the findings make interesting reading as Head of Search …

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7 January 2010

Top ten searches of the year: Google vs Yahoo vs Bing

Another year has come and gone, and I was curious to see what the top searches of the past year could reveal about 2009. Each year, Google, Yahoo and Bing examine the millions of queries that people around the world have typed into their search engines and compile a list of the most popular searches of the year. The top …

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1 January 2010

15 digital predictions for 2010

It’s that time of year when pundits start coming out of the woodwork to predict the next big thing. Here are my 15 predictions (15, because Tamar is 15 this year) for what’s going to be happening online in 2010: 1. Social media, and specifically Twitter, will continue to take over the world with the latter reaching 100 million users …

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31 December 2009

Social networking terminology become mainstays in the Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘words of the year’

As Oxford English Dictionary unveils its words of the year, we find social networking giants paving the way for new words. Words such as ‘tweetups’ and ‘unfriend’ are now mainstays in the Oxford dictionary, highlighting the up and coming importance of the online social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. So which words form the world of online made …

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23 December 2009

Will Google’s new URL shortener make tracking easier?

As you’ll probably have heard by now, Google are stepping in to the URL-shortening game with the launch of their own service – http://goo.gl/. Currently only available for use by Google’s own tools (i.e. The Google toolbar and the like), it’s almost certainly going to be opened up to the public at some point, putting Google in direct competition with …

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16 December 2009

Web design trends we lost in 2009

Do you still think “above the fold” or think that multiple pages are better for SEO? Here I outline how 2009 has seen the thankful demise of a few web design trends or myths: Frames Thanks mainly to W3C accessibility guidelines, the usage of frames has rapidly declined over the years. In fact usability best practices don’t recommend using iFrames …

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