google penalty
25 August 2016

Google may penalise sites that use annoying pop ups

Google has today announced that they will start to penalise sites that use “intrusive interstitials”, starting from January 10th 2017. Penalties for sites Google has explained that they may potentially penalise sites that use these intrusive pop-up ads. Google is a service and it needs to best reflect what users want – and what they want is sites without pop-up …

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3 August 2016

March of the Penguin

There’s been a lot of industry chatter lately about a crucial algorithm refresh – Penguin. But what exactly is this update, and what does it mean for you? What is Penguin? Google is notable for having around 600 updates a year. Many of them are minor, but some are so large they get their own codename. (If you’re not sure …

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26 July 2016

Crucial Google algorithm updates 2016 #1

Google makes over 600 changes to its algorithm in a year which equates to roughly two changes every day. Changes the search giant makes range from cosmetic ones on how the results will appear, to rank and visibility affecting core algorithm changes. Rolling out changes at such a frequency is not new for Google, however, some of the changes late …

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this month in social june
30 June 2016

The month in social: June

We’re halfway through the year already and it’s officially ‘summer’ but, being Britain it hasn’t stopped raining. On social media it was looking a bit sunnier in June, with Snapchat continuing to outshine other networks, Pinterest making further improvements to their ad format and the LinkedIn acquisition. Clouds in social media came in the form of the Euros (if you …

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24 June 2016

Dolly Days – My life at Tamar Towers #3

Hi again, Last time I shared the memories I have of my first days with my Tamar Towers person. This time I thought you might be interested in my fitness and health routine! Although I’m pretty busy in the office I do like to stick to my morning workout, which mainly involves meeting with my doggy squad and going for a …

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17 June 2016

Five reasons why you should get an office dog

Over the years we’ve had a multitude of dogs in the office, Oli (went for the caretaker and nearly got a red card), Dolly (Mrs Longbody) and the pugs Delilah (little potato) and Colin (big potato). Having a dog around has been a normal part of Tamar life for years, but actually, there is more to having an office dog …

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Influencer Checklist
16 June 2016

4 tips for choosing the right influencer for your brand

Research shows that we now trust social media influencers almost as much as our friends, and of course, brands are taking full advantage of this trend. A joint study by Twitter and analytics company Annalect highlighted that 40% of respondents said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media. A recent influencer marketing study by …

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10 June 2016

Why your site needs structured data

As SEOs, one of our primary concerns is gaining and maintaining strong visibility within search engine results pages. Google shows knowledge graphs and featured snippets more and more, giving those sites featured a significant advantage over sites that aren’t. So how can your site benefit from these snippets and graphs? By using and structured data. What is …

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9 June 2016

6 Google Analytics features you probably don’t know

Google Analytics is essential for any digital marketer. You can get by on just the basics, but having in-depth knowledge of this tool can set you apart and really help you draw vital insights from your data. As always people will have their ways of analysing data and researching the numbers. Some won’t even know many of the large amount …

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