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Google caffeine – strong enough for you?

11 August 2009 | Tanya Goodin

So is it latte or espresso? For those who havent seen the news Google has launched their next generation of search. And all hell is going to break loose. At least, thats what some would [...]

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TED – getting creative

10 August 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Occasionally we all need a bit of inspiration, or to hear a positive message, or want to learn about something completely different. If you haven’t already come across TED, then I can highly recommend it [...]

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Online shopping. Where in the world are you buying stuff?

10 August 2009 | Alex Christie

I don’t like shopping at the best of times. People, parking, and getting my moth ridden wallet out. But when I am forced to go into an actual shop, I always get the feeling I [...]

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Images in PPC Ads

10 August 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Sponsored results showing images Just did a quick search for dresses, I need a new one, and came across two ads with images and looks like formatted feeds for three dresses along with prices. One [...]

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Twitter Meltdown

7 August 2009 | Milly Diaz

I’m a self-cofessed Twitter addict and its two hour downtime on Thursday was painful. In my time of distress, I turned to Google and did a search to find some answers. I was elated to [...]

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Customer strategy

7 August 2009 | Simran Nanda

Coming from a digital background focusing on SEO, I sometimes forget how important it is to focus on the single most important fact that dictates all marketing strategies – the customer. With an aim to refresh [...]

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Social networking: It’s just, like, so not cool anymore

6 August 2009 | Annie Wakefield

A recent report by a regulator for the UK communications industries, Ofcom, shows a 5% drop in 15 to 24-year-olds using social networking sites and it’s not only their parents, uncles, aunts and teachers joining [...]

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Image search – Who is #1?

6 August 2009 | Annie Wakefield

I am a huge fan of image searches and my favourite search engine is quite often determined by their image search results. MSN have always had a good image search function and Bing improved that [...]

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Vince, I feel a bandwagon coming along

4 August 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Hop on board with Vince There have been lots of views on the Vince update, a lot of them guesswork. And sometimes with a lack of specific information and evidence that’s all you have to [...]

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All’s a Twitter at Whitehall

30 July 2009 | Milly Diaz

Earlier this week, a 20-page report detailing a template Twitter strategy for government departments went public. Read the report in its entirety right here. For any Twitter newbie, the ‘Twitter Overview’ section and its related [...]