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Deconstruct 09 – 04 September 2009

9 September 2009 | Alex Christie

Deconstruct 09 is a grass-roots conference that aims to bring together some of the brightest minds in the digital industry from around the world. The focus for 2009 was the challenge of designing for tomorrow [...]

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How to get 400 million backlinks in only 3 years

9 September 2009 | Alex Christie

If you are on the Internet these days, you will have seen the now famous social bookmarking icons, they weren’t so famous 3 years ago when AddThis started. If you have seen the buttons below, [...]

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Here come the teens… A teenager speaks

4 September 2009 | Henry Elliss

This week at Tamar we’ve been lucky enough to host a work experience person, in the shape of one Rachel Hosie. Rachel has been working with the Social Media team, helping us with some data [...]

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Augmented Reality and its role in our digital future

2 September 2009 | Alex Christie

Augmented reality is not a new concept, but its’ implementation is a little slow on the uptake. Apart from thousands of impressive movies on YouTube, there is very little available for the general public in [...]

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Optimised onsite copy: Getting it right first time

1 September 2009 | Annie Wakefield

New websites are often set up by people who have little online experience – they assume that all they need is a site and some contact details and that’s that: instant success. In reality though, [...]

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UK online shopping up 16.8% in July

28 August 2009 | Alex Christie

During the wettest July on record in England and Wales, we took shelter in front of our computers and shopped! The clothing sector was the driving force behind the significant growth; with sales up 18% [...]

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Search to lead recovery in online ad spend in 2010

27 August 2009 | Alex Christie

In Europe and especially the UK, search will further increase it’s slice of the online spend – up from a 3% increase expected this year to a healthy 4% increase in 2010. The IAB’s latest [...]

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How to fundraise for charity

25 August 2009 | Annie Wakefield

Ok, so sorry, I don’t actually have the definitive answer to this difficult question, however I wanted to share our experiences of successful fundraising and also some brilliant ideas I’ve seen work for others. We [...]

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Search loyalty?

25 August 2009 | Alex Christie

The verb ‘to Google’ is commonly used and has become a part of popular culture. Like Hoover, Kleenex, Xerox and Post-it, the Google brand has became a verb and was officially added into the Oxford [...]

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The evolution of YouTube as a search engine

21 August 2009 | Alex Christie

In May, to continue the trend of major names giving themselves subtle summer makeovers(see Twitter’s login facelift), YouTube expanded their search bar and removed their ‘home’, ‘videos’, ‘channels’, ‘community’ tab-style layout in favour or a [...]