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How will Google’s Hummingbird Impact Link Building?

1 November 2013 | Aarti Ohri

Earlier this month, we discussed Google’s latest algorithm, Hummingbird, the most influential update in the past decade. While we’ll benefit from Hummingbird’s search accuracy, rich content, and greater understanding, it’s also worth considering how it […]

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Apple’s October “Special Event” Recap – New Mac Pros, MacBook Pros and thinner iPads!

23 October 2013 | Jonathan Herbst

Apple’s price comparison of their new and updated iPad range. With Christmas coming up thick and fast, Apple are trying to push out as many updates to their devices as possible to put them in […]

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Digital December: ‘Tis the Season to be Social

15 October 2013 | Aqil Rouf

With 10 weeks left until Christmas, many marketers are currently snowed under festive campaign plans. And with online shopping set to increase by another 22% in Q4, it’s essential that brands are ready to capitalise […]

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How to turn disaster into opportunity – pay attention Asda!

11 October 2013 | Henry Elliss

Many of you will have witnessed the very public cock-up by supermarket giant ASDA yesterday. In case you didn’t, here’s a tweet-sized summary: A rogue £50 discount code somehow got released, brought their site to […]

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How will Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update affect searches?

8 October 2013 | Valentin Boulan

Last week, Google made public the release of its latest search algorithm. Nicknamed “Hummingbird” after its supposed pace and precision, it is considered the most dramatic algorithm changed since the Caffeine update, in 2010! Here […]

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Digital December: 10 Tips to get your SEO in shape for Christmas

7 October 2013 | Henry Elliss

Last week we introduced you to ‘Digital December’, our seasonal focus on the crucial pre-Christmas run-up. If you read our ‘Crack the Christmas Crowds Online‘ post, you’ll know just how important it is to get […]

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Digital December: Crack the Christmas Crowds Online

1 October 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Whilst many of us are clinging on to the last rays of sunshine, and hoping for a mild autumn, the retailers amongst us are busy planning their Christmas and New Year campaigns, readying themselves for […]

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“Unconference” – Card Games and Beer Pong: A New Means of Networking in Social Media Marketing?

27 September 2013 | Valentin Boulan

  As the Tamar team prepared to attend events at the Social Media Week in London, there was a sense of uncertainty. Would these events simply be run-of-the-mill talks to remind us that using social […]

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Traffic, Conversion Rate and Revenue – What Role Do These Play in RevenueMapper™?

23 September 2013 | Aqil Rouf

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, then you should know that over the last 3 weeks we’ve opened the doors on our proprietary SEO forecasting tool, RevenueMapper™, that allows brands to project revenue […]

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The importance of accurate search volumes – RevenueMapper™

17 September 2013 | Henry Elliss

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to RevenueMapper – Tamar’s proprietary forecasting tool for projecting revenues for your search campaign. After our introductory piece, we looked in detail at one of the most […]