26 February 2016

Dolly Days – My Life At Tamar Towers #1

Hi, I’m Dolly, I’m a wire haired standard daschund (that means I’m a proper size, not one of those stupid handbag-sized sausage dogs). I’ve wanted to have a GoPro to record my adventures for ages and the team at Tamar finally got the hint. My first video is online here, but first a bit more about me. I love going …

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25 February 2016

6 things you should know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

Last year in October Google announced their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. The initiative aims to dramatically improve page load speeds, user experience and content performance on mobile devices for certain queries. Initially launched in collaboration with 30 publishers and technology firms (including Twitter, LinkedIn and Guardian) the latest discussions on the Webmasterworld forum strongly suggest that this has been rolled out by Google worldwide. The …

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25 February 2016

Do you have a persona-based content strategy?

Content has long been an essential part of the digital marketing strategy, but are you attracting the right audience? Digital marketers are usually very good at measuring performance, but how do you know that the users sharing or reading your content are the right people for your site? More importantly, you may know exactly who your demographic is, but how …

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24 February 2016

4 answers to questions on Google’s new ad layout

On February 19, 2016 Google changed their adwords offering, significantly. The search engine confirmed there will be no more text ads running down the right side of the browser on desktop devices. Instead there will now be four ads before the organic search results. This change has sparked many questions about the impact a move like this will have for …

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24 February 2016

4 reasons you need a blog for SEO

Whilst some people still consider SEO to be a dark art, most digital marketers are comfortable with the ins and outs of on and offsite optimisation. There are a wide variety of techniques at your disposal – and often just knowing where to start is the trickiest part. Whilst optimising your website for ‘crawlability’ is one key factor, it’s just …

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19 February 2016

6 things SEOs hate about your site

Rather unshockingly, we SEOs spend a lot of time on websites and we run into the same mistakes over and over. The same old mistakes that make us increasingly angry. Here are six things we hate the most about your site; #1 Unnecessary subfolders Google has said time and time again that an easy to follow site structure is key …

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18 February 2016

4 new developments at Twitter

Two weeks ago we looked at why Twitter has been coming under fire, with some predicting the beginning of the end for the platform. Personnel changes, rumours of a character limit drop and a slow-down in growth had led to a drop in the company’s value. Here are four new developments at Twitter in the last few weeks: #RIPTwitter When the …

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night-city-1149700_1280 (1)
17 February 2016

Is ‘dark social’ as dark as it sounds?

If you’ve not heard of the concept of ‘dark social’ before let’s sum it up in one sentence: When measuring traffic driven to a website from social channels, some of it doesn’t show up due to a variety of different factors. How important is this and is it something that any digital marketer needs to lose any sleep over? There …

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12 February 2016

The month in social: January

From a famous puddle to a celebrity rant, January showed us a huge range trending topics for the first month of the year. Today we’re looking at the four most talked-about social events and our view on their relevance to brands. #1 Drummond Puddle Watch Last year social media evolved and brought new technologies, platforms, changes and opportunities along with it. …

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11 February 2016

Does ‘user intent’ herald the death of the keyword?

Among the numerous updates (500+ according to some estimates) that Google makes each year, one significant update to the algorithm happened around January 10th that – as usual – generated an heap of fluctuation and visibility correlation studies. One interesting study came from Searchmetrics. One of the most relevant topics the analysis presents is the issue of fulfilling user intent. The study makes …

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