22 August 2011

5 simple search tips to make you love Google even more!

Today I will be showing you 5  interesting search techniques which might just make you love Google that little bit more! 1) Time If you, like me, have family all over the world but can never keep track of the time differences as to when best to Skype with them, typing this into the search bar should help you keep …

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19 August 2011

Twitter is the new ‘word of mouth’…

I remember hearing in university that the most important exposure for a brand is word of mouth. People have always trusted recommendations from family, friends or even friends of friends before they will give in to paid corporate advertising. We’ve all been in the situation where someone we know says something like “I saw an ad on television for this …

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17 August 2011

Is voting back in favour in the age of social?

Back in the days when I first started working in search marketing, everything in the world of search was focused on ever-improving and increasingly-complex algorithms. Search engine results for all the main players were determined solely on factors which the average user (supposedly) had no control over. Presumably one of the main reasons for this was to avoid the system …

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16 August 2011

Shareable Content: The key to SEO success in 2011 and beyond…

Some might argue that the inclusion of social media signals into search algorithms has been one of the most prolific disruptions in the world of online marketing. In a pre-social media dominated world, every link added on a website was considered as a vote. Now links shared via social channels are being considered votes and thus affecting search engines search …

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15 August 2011

YouTube scores a win – but what are you watching?

According to a report that came out last week, YouTube scored its biggest month of traffic ever in the UK last month. YouTube apparently accounted for 1 in every 35 UK Internet visits in July and the uplift was credited to massive growth in mobile viewing. What I would love to know is what exactly are people watching on their …

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12 August 2011

Build an SEO and user friendly 404 page

What are 404 Errors? 404 Errors occur when a web server cannot find an object with the URL you’ve entered. Ugly messages often pop up on your screen like “This webpage cannot be found,” with little guidance on how to fix the issue. What are the best steps you can take to ensure your 404 Error page is optimised for …

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11 August 2011

Making your mobile offering essential to users

As my twitter followers and facebook friends will know I’ve recently had an unplanned holiday from my iPhone. We’re reunited now, but the days apart have really clarified what I most use it for and how much I rely on it. I can take a break from my mac for a week with no problems but just 24hrs without my …

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10 August 2011

Ultimate brand advocacy at Pinterest

If you don’t already know Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Users collect the things they love and group them on pinboards for particular interests and share with followers. So you can easily understand why the platform has soon become the ultimate breeding ground for fans of brands and the place to virally share the things you are passionate about. I’ve …

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9 August 2011

Twitter responds to the London riots

I’m sure I’’m not alone.  Watching the riots spread across London on TV and reading first hand accounts play out on Twitter left me feeling quite powerless. However, this morning, Twitter again has emerged as a leading force for good. Organizers across London are using Twitter to coordinate clean up efforts in the areas devastated by thugs.  The Twitter account …

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8 August 2011

Finding your way through the attribution maze!

There’s a lot of talk online about attribution modelling, the why’s, the wherefores and whether online brands should even bother invest in one. You’ve almost certainly given it some thought over the last year. However, even though you may not think you are not currently using an attribution model for your online brand, you are in fact probably already using …

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