17 December 2010

10 hot digital brands to watch in 2011

Building your digital brand value is where it’s at in 2011. Brands who haven’t already made the investment in digital brand leadership will really struggle next year to make the quantum leap necessary in strategy and talent to keep up. However, for those who have been investing for some time, or those who are pure play digital, next year will …

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14 December 2010

Google’s new ‘readability’ score – An analysis

Google have released a new function (available in Advanced search) to measure readability of websites, making it possible to filter your result set to only include results from a certain level of readability (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). From our initial trials it is clear that there are some bugs; badly translated or pages with a lot of strange word structures …

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8 December 2010

Online Christmas Retail white paper update

We’ve had great feedback on our Retail white paper and one of our contacts gave us an update on the top brands that are ‘mobile ready’ for Christmas. Our research team’s methodology focused on what was discoverable by Google with visible links to mobile apps and mobile portals so a couple of mobile portals were not showing in the research …

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7 December 2010

Location-based mobile search: The place to be

Location-based mobile search trends are showing that there is a shift from purchasing goods online to using local search to track down goods on the high-street. Shoppers are asking themselves why buy online when I can have the item in-hand today? The revenue forecasts are large – Tech Crunch, estimate that the value of location-based services could be worth a …

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29 November 2010

Mobile set to miss out on great Christmas presence…

Christmas is a time for surprise and delights but our new online retail research has delivered only the first of those two joys. Not that this is a bad thing – the lessons we’ve drawn from our consumer survey and web study should help both retailers, marketers and a wide range of brands meet the multi-channel challenges of 2011 fully …

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25 November 2010

Top 20 digital predictions for 2011 – part 2

(You can read Part 1 of this blog, along with the intro here) (11) Video will challenge text as the preferred medium Video has been a bit of an ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride’ in the tech world, reliable but not exactly sparkling. However, with new technologies constantly being developed for the web, social software, unified communications and iTV, …

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24 November 2010

H&M Online Fail

If you have even the faintest interest in fashion, you will have known that the French uber designer line Lanvin teamed up with high street retailer H&M on a more affordable collection for the less moneyed set and that yesterday was the day frugal fashionistas across the UK could get their hands on the critically acclaimed H&M/Lanvin clothes, shoes and …

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23 November 2010

Top 20 digital predictions for 2011 – part 1

While the credit crunch has eaten its way into most global industries, this year has been a very exciting one in digital, laying the foundations for a 2011 revolution in the way consumers use the Internet. I’m doing TWO top ten predictions this year. We’ll publish the second list tomorrow but for now … Social commerce, location-based services, cloud computing …

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18 November 2010

Twitterlytics has arrived – but what does it do?

It looks like Twitter is finally testing user analytics for their service – thanks to @mashable and @mongoosemetrics for the screenshots. Not many other social platforms have this kind of depth attached to their offerings, so its great to see the new service in alpha mode. It looks fairly basic at the moment, focusing on Re-Tweet activity and mentions, nothing …

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