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13 April 2016

14 ways to gain followers on Instagram

Growing community sizes is often one of the core KPIs of a community manager, and Instagram is the new frontier for many businesses (those that are a little bit behind, at any rate…). But how can you grow your community size on Instagram? How can you capture those all-important followers? We’ve got 14 ways to do just that. #1 Buy followers …

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8 April 2016

5 reasons Video Content is Great For SEO

Digital video content has been gracing our desktop, laptop and mobile screens for many years now and has recently been increasing to the point where people now spend more time watching it than they spend on social media. This has all come at the same time as the rise of live streaming apps such as Periscope and as marketers set …

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7 April 2016

How will intelligent personal assistants affect SEO?

If you’ve seen the movie Her, or perhaps Iron Man, you’ll know what the future of tech looks like. AI is coming and it’s coming in a big way. It’s here to make our lives easier and simpler, or at least, that’s what all the big tech giants would have us believe. AI is nothing new, IBM has been experimenting …

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6 April 2016

Why aren’t more brands promoting on Pinterest?

Pinterest has recently made promoted pins available beyond the US, including the UK, so this opens the platform up for a share of brand marketing budgets, as they pay for the eyeballs of this very receptive audience – or will they? With regular and steady growth of over 60% a year, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms. With 100 …

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1 April 2016

Move over millennials – Snapchat has a NEW Queen…

First, reality TV stars; then came the phenomenon that is DJ Khaled; then back in January POTUS joined – so the latest person to jump onto the Snapchat bandwagon might not come as much of a surprise to many of us. Ask the average user who’s the ‘Snapchat Queen’ and they’re likely to name Kylie Jenner or perhaps Kim Kardashian. But …

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31 March 2016

The month in social: March

Another month has flown by, and social has thrown some, yet again, unexpected events at us. We have seen the perfect reaction to some pens gifted especially for her, and the biggest fashion magazine in the world partner with WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger partners with Spotify Gone are the days where Facebook Messenger was simply used for messaging friends. From ordering …

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24 March 2016

7 searches that ‘rise again’ around Easter

It’s approaching Easter time, a time when we all appreciate slightly different things – whether it’s the arrival of Spring, the copious amount of chocolate or remembering Jesus. To keep things topical at Tamar Towers, we decided we’d look at searches that ‘rose again’ (we’re so sorry…) around this period. To do this, we used Google Trends – which gives …

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23 March 2016

6 reasons to celebrate the removal of PageRank

The sun has has finally set on PageRank – one of the many algorithms used by the Google in the past. But why is that something to celebrate? If you’ve never heard of PageRank, it was essentially a lot of complex calculations and checks boiled-down into an “out of 10” score. While it might sound useful, in reality, it hugely over-simplified …

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22 March 2016


Instagram, since its birth in 2010, has allowed brands and people to connect through the use of images. One of the rising stars of social networking, it appeared to be destined for greatness – unlike many others. The proof of that greatness lay in the growth of its user base over the years, reaching a staggering 400 million monthly active …

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