27 May 2016

The month in social: May

This month in social we’ve seen Instagram kick up its brand advertising and one of our most loved platforms *cough* Snapchat *cough* continuing to grow and take the limelight – as in past months. It’s time for our monthly social round up. Taco Bell makes Snapchat History It is clear that Taco Bell are fans of Snapchat, the social platform …

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26 May 2016

For + Against: Instagram’s LINK IN BIO

Generally speaking at Tamar the youngsters are on Snapchat and treat Facebook very casually, whereas the older (ahem) people are on Facebook, but don’t feel the need to add to their social repertoire with Snapchat. This seems to be a pretty common theme amongst how the generations use social, but there is one platform we all use and that’s Instagram. …

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20 May 2016

Google’s New Mobile Search Update: What Does It Mean?

Back in April 2016 Google released the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update which many feared would be the end for non-mobile friendly websites. In reality this wasn’t the case and despite sites being marked as friendly or non-friendly, the shift wasn’t as big as expected. However, it was still a glimpse into the future of how Google would view websites. Now, earlier this …

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19 May 2016

Conversational AI is the future of search

Last night marked the first day of Google’s I/O 2016 conference, a two-day conference where Google shows off their latest ideas, products and developments. Amongst the many announcements this year – which included VR, wearables, new messaging apps (because why let Facebook have all the fun, right?) and video conferencing – came the announcement of Google Home, the widely anticipated …

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19 May 2016

6 Essential SEO WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a go to CMS for any SEO for its versatility and effectiveness in setting up websites and blogs in a matter of minutes. To continue our series of essentials, today we’re taking you through the six plugins any WordPress site must have. There are thousands of plugins on the market but some have those special features that only …

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18 May 2016

How Natural Language Processing is changing SEO

It is well-accepted in the digital marketing industry, especially in organic search, that the focus is shifting from keyword-based strategies online to ones that focus on fulfilling intent.  The stimulus for this has come from Google itself and its improving ability to understand the human language. The appearance of Knowledge Graph boxes, Answer Boxes, Featured Snippets, Local pack results etc. are …

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12 May 2016

7 things Google wants you to forget about

The online world often reveals new products. Some can be an overnight success, while some are on-going projects that eventually take off, and others end in failure – some sooner rather than later. Google are a brand who are always pushing new products onto the market, some we couldn’t live without and some they wish we would forget… Welcome to the Google …

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11 May 2016

6 Essential SEO Chrome Extensions

A browser for an SEO is like an extension of their body with browser extensions being as essential as fingers. Here are six Google Chrome extensions used by all of us on daily to make our SEO life easier. #1 Mozbar Number one on our list would have to be a tool made by an authority in the SEO world. …

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9 May 2016

Sorry, but with content it’s quality AND quantity…

The depressing truth is (according to research by Moz) that over 50% of content online has zero shares and nobody is linking to it. We’re also told that the most shared content online is 1,000+ words, so the pressure is on to beef up the word count, but not lose any of the engagement. And it’s not easy… Quality first… …

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5 May 2016

7 Essential SEO Tools

Working in SEO, there are many invaluable tools that we use every day. We’re all aware of Google Analytics, Search Console and Keyword Planner but there are a lot of very useful tools out there that can really improve your SEO. Chrome DevTools – There are many uses for DevTools that will extend beyond SEO needs but this doesn’t stop …

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