28 September 2011

Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands Top 25

Today at Tamar we’re launching our “Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands 2011” league table. This year we’ve refined our table to rank only pure-play digital retail brands. These are the power-house brands helping to ignite the UK’s moribund economy while bricks and mortar bomb and the high street shuts up shop. We’re proud to say we’ve helped ignite quite a …

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26 September 2011

SEO Tips – How to update content regularly

The recent Google ‘Panda’ Update has been a real game-changer, in that it is the first clear indication from Google that they intend to reward sites that have good content; content which is – 1. Unique 2. Relevant 3. Regularly updated 4. Well positioned within the structure of the site Generally speaking, this has been the case for sometime; however, …

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23 September 2011

Facebook shake up social media… again. We have the details

Facebook’s F8 conference is a big date in the social media calendar, with all eyes on the networking giant as it reveals upcoming changes to its platform. This year Zuckerberg & Co came out all guns blazing, shaking up not just functionality, but why we use Facebook at all. The first innovation to be introduced was the Timeline – a …

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21 September 2011

Don’t f8 it up Facebook

The social media world is watching & waiting for Facebook’s big announcement at f8 today & it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will involve an announcement that Facebook is moving into the music and content space possibly competing with iTunes and maybe more deals with news content providers. A WSJ journal app announced today is widely touted as the tip …

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20 September 2011

Burberry works with Twitter to create social media history

Yesterday, Burberry collaborated with Twitter to make social media history! I joined my fellow Tamar retail specialists in watching the live streaming of the Burberry Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear runway show, but what made it extra special is that every look was photographed and tweeted backstage before the model wearing it walked the runway. For the first time in history (or …

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19 September 2011

5 Ways to Optimise for Google Places

With millions of people using Google Maps to search for local business listings, you could be missing a major marketing opportunity if your business is not listed. By having your business listed on Google Places, you will be able to reach new customers, tell them about features of your business, improve your search engine ranking, and what’s more it’s free! …

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16 September 2011

The Subscribe button – yet another ‘me too’ from Facebook

Have you heard? Facebook rolled out a new feature this week — the ‘Subscribe’ button. It essentially does what it says on the tin. Once you activate it, people can subscribe to see your ‘public’ Facebook Wall Posts. Being the Facebook pessimist that I am, I’m definitely more under-whelmed than impressed by the feature. In a previous blog post I’ve …

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14 September 2011

What’s that tweet worth? Analytwics have arrived

First off, I should apologise for the use of that hideous malapropism in the title – I couldn’t resist! Good news for those of us who use Twitter as part of our marketing plan – Twitter is FINALLY launching their own analytics package this month, just over a year after it was first announced…! In a move that will FINALLY …

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